Today we spent our day at the University of Panama (UP)!  We were able to meet the director of the University, Dr. Collado. He was so welcoming and kind as he shared how ecstatic he was to have us working alongside his nursing students in Chitre. Honestly, we are so thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of this partnership, where we are able learn more together than we ever could on our own.
    We broke up into our 3 different clinical groups to listen to the Panamanian students’ presentations regarding their case studies on families in the community.  The Panamanian students had been working closely with these families for an entire semester and we had the privilege of visiting these homes last week. The presentations, which encompassed the biological, psychological, and socioeconomic features of each family, so clearly demonstrated the close relationship these students had developed with each family. The trust that members of this community have in their local nurses is amazing, and is something we hope to strive to earn in our own future practices.
After listening to the Panamanian students present their case studies, our group reunited to discuss the results of the teachings we presented in our clinics last week. Overall, they each went so well! Some of the nursing students from UP joined and provided additional feedback, and once again we benefited greatly from their collaboration and input.
We finished off the day with another trip to the neighboring hotel for their delicious tres leches cake and are ready for another day at the clinic tomorrow!
– Tiffany Timmons and Olivia Taylor

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