babyclinicpaintla arena

Today was our last day at the clinics, and it was an amazing experience. Throughout clinicals, we  administered vaccines, observe pap smears, do newborn evaluations, and check manual blood pressures. At the end of our clinical day, the Panamanian nursing students surprised us with some delicious finger foods and kind words. We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to receive the full Panamanian experience here. After clinical, we made another stop at the Artisan Village, where we were able to pick up hand painted cups that we had previously ordered a few days before. We were once again able to appreciate the beautiful artwork that this culture has to offer. Once arriving to the hotel, we presented our windshield survey, consisting of us conducting a visual survey of our surroundings of the strengths and weaknesses of the community. This showed us the importance of being able to work as a team, and allowed us to appreciate the things that we have become accustomed to back home.

~ Bianca Labady and Julissa Cambero


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